Study Group – Online

Sundays at 3pm

For the teachings to lead to wisdom we need to know how to use them.  This study group focusses on reflecting and meditating on teachings which have been received from qualified Lama’s at Dechen Centres. To receive a link to this online group please email us by clicking here.

The process can be summarised into the three phases of hearing, reflecting and meditating:

  • Hearing – You hear the teachings from qualified teachers.
  • Reflecting – You reflect on the meaning of the teachings using critical intelligence and reference to your experience.
  • Meditating – You put the teachings into practice and recognise their truth through direct non-dual experience.

We continually repeat these three phases in order to deepen our understanding and insight.  Each time we receive teachings (hearing) we must take them away, reflect on their meaning and meditate on them.  As the fourth century Indian master Vasubhandu declared:

“On the basis of moral discipline, practice hearing, reflecting and meditating.”